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Cranbrook Literature Festival – An Evening with Jeremy Vine Broadcaster, journalist and writer Jeremy Vine will be talking about his books ‘It’s All News to Me’ and ‘What I learnt: What My Listeners Say – and Why We Should Take Notice’.
Novelist and historian Alison Weir will be talking about her book ‘The Marriage Game – The History Behind the Novel Elizabeth 1’
“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…” Welcome to the Forest of Arden, a world of clowns, lovers, runaways and rebels.
This award winning comedy is set in Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, New York, and is all about a family - their ups and downs seen through the eyes of their teenage son. It is a deeply appealing play that deftly mixes drama with comedy; a bittersweet memoir that is simultaneously poignant and funny.

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